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Well-trained, engaged and motivated sales people will deliver better customer experience.

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Welcome to ToRRe

Rapid technology has impacted the retail world drastically. From transforming the ways consumers connect with brands, to providing a seamless shopping experience, changes in the sector seem unstoppable. The reasons behind this speedy revolution are consumers’ increasing demands together with the adoption of smart retail technologies. Retailers who quickly adopt these technologies will stay at the head of the curve.

ToRRe seeks to offer an e-learning programme in the field of non-formal continuous education for the retail sector to support the development of high-performing digital education ecosystem, exploiting the opportunities to:

  • up-skill and reskill those dependent on the retail sector by closing the digital skills gap
  • adapt retailers’ individual offering to the everchanging environment
  • respond to challenges, threats and opportunities related to the retail sector as a digitally dependent economy by reducing the mismatch between the skills available and those demanded for its digital transformation.

ToRRe Project Partners

The partners behind ToRRe have, through their network, attained experiences assessed these difficulties and attained a knowledge of entrepreneurial know how.

As partners, we want to contribute to the professional development of those selling their services and wares ensuring there is the awareness of challenges ahead to build strong foundations to their enterprise.

The Chamber of Commerce & Industry Vratsa

The Chamber of Commerce & Industry Vratsa (Bulgaria) is a non-governmental organisation established in 1991. It works in close cooperation with national, regional and local authorities, NGOs, SMEs, Academic & Research bodies, and overseas business support structures. Our goals are to establish the most favourable economic conditions for the Bulgarian business sector.


EOLAS S.L. (Spain) is founded by a team with more than 20 years of experience in idea generation, business development and innovation, financing schemes, proposal preparation and project management.


ULSIT (Bulgaria) is a boutique university focused on four areas of knowledge: Information Technologies, Cultural Heritage, Library Studies and History. ULSIT has the ambition to establish sustainable triangle: academy, research and business and to work on projects with national, regional and European entities for transfer of innovation and knowledge.

BDF Friesland

Business Development Friesland (Netherlands) helps people and organisations to grow and supports businesses, schools, universities and governments in their efforts. BDF is a foundation, set to serve and support the needs of the regional economy and employment.


Eurodimensions (Malta) is a consultancy company based in Malta that seeks to fulfil the need to nurture entrepreneurship through education, competitiveness, business development, training and the creation of partnerships.

Malta Business Bureau

Malta Business Bureau (Malta) is an EU-business advisory organisation that represents business members of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association in both Brussels and Malta.